Frequently Asked Questions

What is your touring schedule?

All of our tours are by appointment only. When would you like to tour? What area(s) would you like to see? Fill out our Contact form (Book Your Tour form) and we’ll contact you to work out the details.

How much do your tours cost?

Pricing varies with each tour. It depends on the number of participants, admission fees, transportation costs and other factors. We will always try to budget the tours to your needs. Contact us for detailed pricing.

How long do tours take?

This depends on your tour choices. Typical tours last about 3-5 hours. Special tours can go from a full day to several days!

Are children welcomed on tours?

Yes! I have a background in adult and adolescent training, so I have an appreciation for interaction and involvement with learning and memories. Kids will have fun while learning in the environments where history happened!

How do I reserve a tour?

Contact us to reserve your tour after reading through the types of tours we offer and pricing. All reservations require a credit card deposit. We accept bookings between last minute and months in advance.  (at least two weeks for custom tours).

What happens if the weather is bad?

Tours take place rain or shine, heatwave or chilly days. We don’t like to freeze, get drenched, or melt either, so be assured that we are always prepared to adjust tours for your comfort and ours, whether it’s ducking into a historic place to escape the rain, an unexpected stop for ice cream to cool off, or warming our hands and tummies with a glass of wine!

What clothing to bring on a San Francisco vacation?

Bring warm clothing, especially in mid-summer. When the fog comes in, you’ll need a jacket, windbreaker and maybe two or three more layers. Ignore this advice and you’re likely to contribute to the local economy when you have to buy something warm, quick.
Bring comfortable shoes. San Francisco is best visited on foot.
California attire is generally casual. You won’t need your suit and tie (or cocktail dress and high heels) unless you’re planning a very special activity.
If your vacation is in winter, bring an umbrella and light rain coat or jacket. If you don’t have room for them in your suitcase, wait until the first drop of rain falls: the shops in all the tourist areas will sprout umbrellas faster than you can say: “I’m getting wet.”

What is an Alegro Custom Tour?

Looking for a tour custom-designed to fit your own interests? Day trips out of San Francisco to Napa or Muir Woods? After responding to a detailed questionnaire, we will work with you to create the dream tour of San Francisco that is perfectly tailored to your personal preferences.

What is Custom Travel Planning?

With so many things to see and do in San Francisco, you might need a little extra help in planning your trip. We can go over your “must-see’s” and help your organize and prioritize them in a logical and efficient way, and suggest some other options based on your tastes and interests that you may not have considered. This can include sights, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Please note that we don’t book hotels, nor make reservations.

What are Custom Self-Guided Itineraries?

Are you comfortable navigating around the city yourself but would like a customized itinerary for a self-guided tour? We can do complete tour itineraries with walking and/or public transportation directions that include sights, shopping and dining, as well as time-saving tips.